About Us

FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant, located on the shores of Lake Ontario in Oswego County, has provided safe, clean and affordable power to Southwestern New York since 1975.

Safe and Secure

Our top priority at the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant is the safety and security of our workers and our surrounding community. Over the past five years, over $30 million have been invested in the facility to upgrade our safety and security programs.

Economic Impact

The FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant is one of Oswego County’s largest employers and is a major contributor to our local economy.

Environmental Benefits

Nuclear power is one of the cleanest sources of energy. The FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant emits virtually no greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide.

Community Contributions

We are proud to call Oswego County our home. From sponsoring the fireworks display at the annual Oswego Harborfest, to supporting local charities like the Oswego Bookmobile and Rescue Mission, we take pride in giving back to our community in a variety of ways.

Our History

  • The James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant has been a safe, clean and affordable source of electricity for New York since 1975. We produce over 800 MW of electric power - approximately four percent of the total energy demand in the state of New York. In 2008, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission renewed our operating license, which will allow us to continue providing safe, clean and affordable power for decades to come.
  • We employ about 600 dedicated men and women, making us one of Oswego County's largest employers. Our economic impact to the surrounding community, through payroll and charitable contributions exceeds $66 million every year.

Your Safe and Secure Source of Power

  • Safety and security are our top priorities at FitzPatrick, and the proof is in our record. In 2010, we achieved a site record for the most days of continuously producing electricity, reaching 700 days of safe, continuous operation, before having to shut down for a required refueling outage. That record was met again in 2012.
  • The FitzPatrick Power Plant was designed and built with high levels of safety precautions and we are continually adding new layers to enhance its safety. Over $30 million has been invested to upgrade and strengthen the facility in recent years. We have layer upon layer of safety systems, so there are back-ups to the back-ups. And we plan and train every day to expect the unexpected.

A Partner for Oswego County

  • FitzPatrick and our employees are proud to give back to our local community. We contribute to over 60 community initiatives in the areas of education and literacy, arts and culture, community enrichment, health and social services, environmental improvement and volunteerism.
  • Every year, we light up the sky at the annual Oswego HarborFest through our sponsorship of the Entergy Nuclear Fireworks Spectacular. In 2008, our world-class fireworks display by Grucci was ranked among the top ten best fireworks displays in the United States.
    We are the lead sponsor of the Oswego Bookmobile, a “non-lending”, free, mobile library designed primarily for children ages 5 to 18. The goal of the program is to encourage our youth to continue reading over the summer so they don’t lose the skills they learned in school.